Why I Started Kindling

Alexa Herringshaw

Introducing Kindling!

I'm so thrilled to share this with you all!

I wanted to write a little something on what Kindling is and why I decided to launch this endeavor. I believe Kindling will aid many students and others with similar stories to my own as they embark on their next adventures. The heart behind Kindling is that individuals would understand who they are and what they were created to do – giving them clarity into what path to take as they walk through life.

Your junior and senior year hold a lot of weight. Beyond picking a dress for prom, you’re tasked with making some big life decisions. This can lead you down a path of anxiety – which is much of my story.  I had no idea who I was nor what I was doing. Like many students, I lacked self-awareness of the giftings God placed inside of me and was clueless about a career path. This all led to insecurities, kept me from walking in my fullness, and led me to change my major a few times in college—wasting time and money. Sorry mom and dad.

So, in walks Kindling. Ta-daaaaa. It’s a one-stop, end-all-be-all, proven, 100% guaranteed solution. Annnnd, if you order in the next 10 minutes…. Okay, I’ll stop. Kindling isn’t really any of that.  It may aid you in making big decisions but that is not the goal. The goal of Kindling is to help you build a foundation in self-love, self-awareness, and an unshakable confidence in God’s voice. It’s these foundations that lead to clear and healthy decision making.  

Practically, Kindling is a three-session process. Each portion serves as a different piece of kindling to keep an individual set on fire throughout their life. Just like one needs to collect kindling to start a fire and to keep the fire burning, one needs to know who they are and what their purpose is to stay “set ablaze.”  In these sessions, individual’s hear directly from the Lord who they are, insight is gained into their natural wiring and what fuels them in their day to day, and lies believed are uncovered, removed, and replaced with the truth—giving individual’s the confidence to walk in their fullness.

I started this business for people like you. People like me. My greatest passion is to sit with individuals and help them see the gold treasured inside of them. I love helping people uncover their original design –the good and pleasing things God has placed inside of them—and to see them confidently walk it out.

You are capable of walking in your fullness today.

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