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Tap into your top five motivations, discover God's original design for your life, and find the fuel to your fire that will never burn out.

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50% of college students switch majors

That was my story. I switched from psychology to nursing back to psychology. Those added semesters can cost you tens of thousands of dollars.

Kindling helps you discover core motivations and your unique wiring in order to set you up for success when choosing career paths and other big decisions like picking a major.

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I live to help people like you.

I suppose you could say that's how I'm fueled.

My name is Alexa. I'm a certified Motivational Core coach, and I know what having no direction feels like. Thus, it's now become my greatest passion to sit with other young women (with a cup of matcha) praying together and discussing our unique wiring and motivations. Want to join me? Let's grab something caffeinated and get to know each other. That first session is on me :)

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Your original design and calling

Learn your top five motivations from the M Core Assessment

Do away with lies and unhealthy thought patterns that have prevented you from walking into your fullness.
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“I loved going through this process because I have felt  empowered. Alexa’s genuine interest in me and my heart made me feel understood, special, powerful, and important.”

– Annie M.

Our daughter had an amazing and defining experience with Alexa. It was amazing to see her discover a new awareness and understanding about who God created her to be...From our perspective as parents, they were spot on!

- Karen M.

"I loved working with Alexa! The process was simple and clear. The M-Core helped me to better understand the ins and out's of the way I function and how that is not bad, but actually divine in how the Lord created me!"

- Ella R, University of Northwestern, St. Paul

What's your Kindling? Let's find out.